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Artists who have worked for Cartwheel in recent years
Apologies to anyone we have left out - complain at once!
If you have a website and we haven't created a link to it, please let us know.

Sarah Adams

Matt Aindow
Marge Ainsley
Jamie Akhtar
Karen Alderson
Graham Atkin
Sue Auty
Lia Baron
Magdalen Bartlett

Des Basterfield 
David Bateman
Sacha Bradbury
Craig Bradley

Can't Dance Can
Val Chapman
Allison Clarke
Helen Clare
Nicky Colclough

Jean Compton
Stacey Coughlin  

Jennifer Davies
Neequaye Dsane
Eileen Earnshaw
Rachel Ellis
Sam Fisher
Cath Ford
Elaine Fox
Peter Freeman
Lucy Frost
Ali Gadema
Steve Garside
Jo Gornall
Lisa Gort


Mike Green

Kim Haygarth
Danny Henry
Aaisha Hussain
Perveen Hussain
Shazia Bibi Hussain
Zahid Hussain

Adil Mohammed Javed

Sarah Jay
Aidan Jolly

Adel Kay

Jackie Kay

Seamus Kelly
Stewart Kelly
Shamshad Khan
Chanje Kunda
Segun Lee-French
Gemma Lees

Sarah Leetch
John Lindley

Vicky Lomax
In The Loop

M6 Theatre

Maria Mahmood

Anjum Malik
Atya Malick

Graham Marsden
Khalid Masod

Shirley May
Ben Mellor

Pride Media

My Sensability

Claire Mooney

Natural Curriculum


Mitch Oldham

Robin Parker

Krishna Parmar

Sahera Parveen
Emily Pitts
Dan Powell

Keertan Rehal
Shams Rehman
Lisa Risbec

Brian Raymond
Rhythmn Weave

Ann Robinson

Eleanor Samson
Lynn Setterington
Anthony Sharpe
John Siddique
Jodie Silverman

Jackie Stewart

Sue Stridgen
Lee Tisdall
Kerry Tuhill

Upper Space
Verd de Gris

Rachel Vincent

Sue Walpole
Tadd Walsh
Tony Walsh
Norman Warwick
Chrissy Webster
Joe Webster
Joy Winkler
Johnny Woodhams

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