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Our Galleries

We now store our project photos on flickr rather than our website.

Please click here or visit

to see our latest photos.

Cartwheel runs a wide variety of projects which we do our best to document. Workshops can be hard to photograph, and participants do not always want to have their picture taken. So not all our projects have picture galleries, and some are much larger than others. Wherever possible we obtain permission for the use of photographs, but at public events (which provide the greatest opportunity for our photographers) this can be hard to do. If there is a picture of you in any of the galleries which you don’t like please let us know and we will remove it.

Archive Galleries

Darnhill Christmas Festival 2010: Winter Smells and Spells

December 2010



Darnhill Summer Festival 2010: Rainbow Nation

July 2010


Art for Wellbeing and Enterprise

Manchester Art Gallery trip

April 2010


Art for Wellbeing

Yorkshire Sculpture Park trip

March 2010



Christmas Festival 2009

Photos from the Northern Lights festival

December 2009



Art for Wellbeing

Well, Well, Well exhibition

Touchstones, Rochdale

August - October 2009


Summer Festival 2009

Photos from the sixth annual summer festival 'Myths and Legends.'

Tell us Another One link  

Established writers and poets make regular appearances at all four of the TUAO story groups in Darnhill, Deeplish, Langley and Spotland.


The Yard

pictures from the new project in darnhill, the yard, a recreational centre for kids.


Christmas Festival 2007

Past, Presence and Future was the theme to 2007's Christmas festival, check out future Santa!


Cartwheel's 2007 AGM

A few pictures from this years AGM.


Darnhill Summer 2007

Some pictures from our latest festival that was a great success and lots of fun for everyone!



Images from Nvision, an event at Falinge Park high school, with poetry, dance, drama and music!



Images from a video project with Rochdale Arts 4 Youth and Pride Media - A gripping tale of the rivalry between two dance crews.


Josephine Gornall worked with a group of adults from the Expressive Minds Arts Group, to create a large mosaic for the Comple@t Internet Cafe, in Middleton, Manchester.


The magical but troubled world of Darnia brought to life by children from St Margarets Primary School working with poets, artists and a stiltwalking Snow Queen.

Link to Fabric of Langley gallery  

All sections of the community contributed to a huge wallhanging documenting life on Langley.

Link to Fusion  

Storyteller Peter Findlay created a fabulous performance for schoolchildren from the stories of older people living in two sheltered housing schemes in Rochdale.

List of Galleries


Darnhill Christmas Festival 2010

Darnhill Summer Festival 2010

Art for Wellbeing and Enterprise

Manchester Art Gallery trip

Art for Wellbeing

Yorkshire Sculpture Park trip

Darnhill Christmas 2009

Art for Wellbeing

Well, Well, Well


Darnhill Summer Festival 2009

The Yard

Darnhill Christmas Festival 2007

Cartwheel's AGM


Darnhill Festival Summer 2007


Face Off

Mosaic of the MIND

Darnhill Christmas Festival 2006

Tell Us Another One

Darnhill Summer Festival 2006

Fabric of Langley


Darnhill Christmas Festival 2005



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